Moving Ahead

To move Honolulu toward improved community health and environmental sustainability we must ensure that our urban areas are well-planned to accommodate future growth.

Higher population density in Honolulu's urban core means improved quality of life, more natural and agricultural lands saved, more efficient transportation systems and a stronger tax base to benefit middle class homeowners.

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Our Mission

Hawaii Moving Ahead is a non-profit entity focused on the future welfare of Honolulu and its people. In that regard, we support the following policies as our City moves ahead in the coming years.

Sustainable, smart growth in the urban core which includes the protection of Oahu's farm lands, the environment and our natural resources.

Development that revitalizes neighborhoods and promotes an urban community with parks and open spaces where local residents can live, work and play.

The familial and community needs of our local population so that they can continue to experience the quality of life that has been the legacy of these islands for many years.

Economic growth through job creation for working families.

Moving Hawaii Ahead also supports other organizations, programs and activities who help advance these policies in our island community.

About Hawaii Moving Ahead

Hawaii Moving Ahead is a non-profit entity focused on the future welfare of Honolulu and its people, particularly in areas of smart sustainable growth, addressing quality of life issues for our residents, and job creation for working families.

JAMES M. BOERSEMA Executive Director

Jim Boersema has been an active participant in the Honolulu community for more than three decades. In the business arena, Mr. Boersema has served as the Director of Corporate Communications for Bank of Hawaii; as a Partner of the State’s largest marketing company, Starr Seigle Communications, for nearly two decades and manager of its Public Relations division, StarrPR. In government, Mr. Boersema has served as Director of Communications for the Office of the Governor, for the Office of the Lieutenant Governor and for the Hawaii State Senate.

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In the Non-Profit arena, Boersema has voluntarily served on the Board of Directors of ten Non-Profit Organizations in the islands during the past 30 years. He is currently on the Board of Pacific Historic Parks, which helps to maintain the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Mr. Boersema is also the current Board Chairman of Olelo Community Media and he is Chairman of the Board of Unity House, which provides benefits to family members of union employees. Unity House also owned and operated the Lotus Hotel in Waikiki from 2009-2011.

Jim Boersema is a retired Army Colonel, having served on active duty for 12 years from 1968-1980 and having served in the U.S. Army Reserves in Hawaii from 1980-2003; in a final active duty assignment, he commanded the unit responsible for the deployment of all Pacific Basin soldiers to combat zones during the years 2004-early 2006.

Mr. Boersema is a graduate of the Army’s Command and General Staff College; of Michigan State University with a degree in Journalism; of Michigan University with an MBA degree and also received degrees from Roosevelt University in Illinois and Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. He is a three time recipient of the nation’s highest public relations honor, The Silver Anvil, and is a published fictional author.

ROBERT FISHMAN Executive Director

Bob Fishman has more than forty years of diverse experience in government and private enterprise. Bob retired from the military in September 2003 as a Colonel in the US Army Reserve and Deputy Commander of the US Army Reserve for the Pacific Theater. Following the September 11th terrorist attacks, he was called up for nearly a year of active duty at the Pentagon as Senior Advisor for Homeland Security to the Chief, US Army Reserve.

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From 2010-2012, Bob served as Executive Assistant to the Mayor of the City & County of Honolulu. He held previous senior posts in government as Managing Director of the City & County of Honolulu, as the first CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority, and on the professional staff of three Hawaii governors. He has been General Manager of Hawaii’s 50,000-seat Aloha Stadium and a senior staff member in the Hawaii State Senate. His service includes membership on numerous government boards and commissions, including the Honolulu Ethics Commission, the Honolulu Charter Commission, as Chairman of the Hawaii Convention Center Authority, the 1992 Hawaii State Commission for Government Redesign.

Bob has successfully managed both local and international business entities, including President of 21st Century Systems, Inc., Senior Advisor and Managing Director for Hawaii/Pacific region for Perot Systems Government Services, Vice President for Airport Services of Hawaiian Airlines, Inc., Executive VP of Hemmeter Aviation, Inc., and Vice President of Capital Investment of Hawaii, Inc.

Bob holds an MBA and a BA from the University of Hawaii, where he has been teaching public administration, ethics and leadership, including homeland security courses, for several years. He has also taught public and business administration courses at graduate and undergraduate levels at Hawaii Pacific University and Chaminade University in past years.

Bob is a charter member and former director of the Metropolitan Honolulu Rotary, and a past president, director, and member of numerous community and public organizations, including the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii.

Honolulu's Urban Core Neighborhoods


As the Kapiolani Boulevard corridor and Ala Moana area is being renewed with new retail and restaurants, new housing projects – condominiums, senior living and rentals – are also being developed or redeveloped with pricing in a wide range.


This area once owned by the Victoria Ward family is today undergoing a complete redevelopment with new shopping, dining and entertainment venues, high-rise condominiums, affordable housing, and an expansive 4-acre "village green" park.


This sprawling mixed-use neighborhood is already home to the UH Medical School, Children's Discovery Center, new restaurants, art spaces, and now has multiple housing developments under construction for low-rise residences and high-rise towers.


This is as close as you can get to urban living, with easy walk-to-work/school access for downtown residents. A continuing renaissance of shops, galleries, clubs and restaurants has brought renewed energy to evening and weekend activities as well.




Benefits Feature Less Urban Sprawl, Reduced Commuter Traffic, More Housing, Preservation of Agricultural Lands, and Increased Public Transportation Usage


HONOLULU: A community organization committed to promoting sustainable urban development in Honolulu has introduced a public information effort to educate residents statewide about its benefits to Hawai‘i’s future and quality of life.

Called Hawai‘i Moving Ahead, the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization was recently formed by longtime Hawai‘i businessmen Jim Boersma and Bob Fishman, in response to concerns that the outcry opposing new housing development in urban Honolulu was overshadowing the advantages it brings to the surrounding communities and for residents island-wide.

“Honolulu is a great city and all the great cities of the world have a thriving urban core that supports the economic vitality of the region and provides an abundance of housing, shopping and lifestyle advantages for its residents,” said Jim Boersma, Co-Executive Director of Hawai‘i Moving Ahead. “Opposing planned, sustainable urban development in Honolulu without weighing the future benefits is taking a short-sighted view that doesn't resolve the problems that families and communities are being forced to confront in today’s Hawaii.”

Fishman, also Co-Executive Director of Hawai‘i Moving Ahead, noted, “Providing new, diversified and affordable urban core housing in Honolulu is an effective way to limit urban sprawl in Ewa and windward communities and help lessen the strain of increased traffic on our roadways island-wide.”

Honolulu’s urban core neighborhoods that are the focus of this public information effort include the downtown Honolulu/Chinatown area, Kaka‘ako, the Kapiolani/Ala Moana corridor, and Ward Village. The benefits of a supporting a sustainable and vibrant urban core include:

  • Less urban sprawl in outlying communities
  • More affordable housing opportunities closer to work
  • Reduced traffic congestion created by commuters
  • Preservation of rural lands for agricultural usage instead of
  • Increased usage of public transportation
  • Promotion of pedestrian and bike-friendly communities
  • Improved energy efficiency and lower emissions of greenhouse gases

To inform the public about the advantages of supporting sustainable urban development in Honolulu’s urban core neighborhoods, Hawai‘i Moving Ahead has launched a new website, www.HawaiiMovingAhead.org, and is sharing its message through TV and radio commercials and print advertisements. The public information effort is being supported through donations by companies and individuals that support the concept of carefully planned, sustainable development for Honolulu and its residents.


Media Contact:
Jim Boersma, Co-Executive Director
Email: HawaiiMovingAhead@gmail.com

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